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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

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List Description
3DPrinting UWA 3D Printing Network Mailing List
Abnet Abalone biology / research
Acad-accfin-sbus Accounting and Finance - Business Academics
Acad-ogs Oceans Graduate School Academics
ACISnet Australasian Centre for Italian Studies email list
All-ogs parent email list for OGS
allstaff-sph AllStaff-SPH Cat 1 and 2 (includes DDG)
ALLYNetwork Mailing list for staff and student members of the UWA ALLY Network
Alva-full-faculty Faculty of Architecture, Landscape And Visual Arts
ANFFWA-Staff To be used by the Cleanroom staff
ANFFWA-Users This list will be used to send out news and information relating to the Cleanroom Facility
AnthroHons Anthropology and Sociology Honours discussion list
AnthroPGrad Anthropology and Sociology Postgrad. discussion list
AnthroStaff Anthropology and Sociology Staff discussion list
Apen [no description available]
ApplicationOwners To communicate with UWA application Service Owners.
ArcGIS fFor ArcGIS users at UWA, (Mapping computation software)
Arts-alumni Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science alumni
Arts-building Distribution list of all staff and students housed in the Arts Building
Arts-lms-admins Arts LMS Faculty Admins Mailing List
ASA-ANZCA This is the maillist of the ASA and ANZCA Exec in WA.
AsianStudies-Grad Asian Studies Postgraduate Discussion List
Atc-research Advanced Timber Concepts Research Centre
AusCERT-Subscribers AusCERT Subscribers List
AUV Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
CACG-Bioinformatics A contact list for the CACG Bioinformatics Working Group
CACG-ProfilingTech A contact list for the CACG Profiling Technologies Working Group
CACG_SampleCollection A contact list for the CACG Sample Collection Working Group
CANlab For CANlab members only.
CANlab-honours CANlab honours students and their supervisors
Ceg-geology-seminars CEG Geology Seminars
Cenrm-postgrads [no description available]
cenrm-staff CENRM Staff
CET-all CET Staff and Students
Change-notifications IS planned change hazard and outage notification list
Chemicals Surplus chemicals that may be of use to other UWA personnel
Classical-Events Announcement of Classics and Ancient History events.
CLIMA-News [no description available]
CLIMA-Seminars [no description available]
Clinical-Trials-Admin News about the administration of clinical trials
CMCA-FACSCanto CMCA FACSCanto II users mailing list.
Cmca-ss CMCA Seminar Series and other CMCA events
Collectibles For trading various collectibles
Comp.theory Mailing list of the Computational Theory group
Complexsystems Weekly seminars on topics related to Complex Systems, Dynamical Systems and Chaos. Currently held in Blakers' Lecture Theatre on Thursday at 3pm (unless indicated otherwise).
Cpa-rep CPA Recognised Employer Program
eLearning-Network About eLearning at and beyond UWA, including the up-and-coming Moodle
EMAC EMAC Instructors in WA
eTadminS eTrust (InoculateIT) administrators at UWA
Extern-ogs [no description available]
Eyebot EyeBot Users' Mailing List
FinServNews Financial Services News mailing list
Flps-2012 Internal FLPS list for communication of Future Framework issues.
Flps2012pg FLPS list Developers of Post Grad programs 2012
FMDHS-CATS Staff mailing list for CATS users.
FrenchAlumni A mailing list for Alumni and Friends of French Studies
friends-centre-wa-history Circulates information to Friends of the Centre for Western Australian History at UWA
Ftanthrostaff Anthropology and Sociology Full-time Staff discussion list
GASREG A mailing list for Anaesthesia Registrars.
Gen-ogs email list for general staff
Geo-fnd Geoscience Foundation Board of Trustees
hdr-spgh All HDRs in the School of Population and Global Health
History-teaching List of current postgrads in History discipline
Honours-sseh Honours listing sport science
Icrar-recreation A communication channel for recreational activities organized by ICRAR Fairway
ICRAR-Seminar Seminar Notices for ICRAR
ICRAR-Social Social email list for ICRAR
InfoEd-Users Information about changes or issues affecting InfoEd users.
INLAR International Network for Law and Apology Research
Iomrc-Crawley All personnel located in the IOMRC Crawley building from AIMS, CSIRO and UWA
IRDS-Store-Owners List of all IRDS Store Owners
LeadingManagers A discussion list for participants in the Leading Managers program
Matlab-Notify for notices to UWA about Matlab and its keyservers
Matrix-users Notifies users of MySource Matrix of system outages and upgrades.
MigrationRN A forum on migration related issues for WA researchers
mnu MNU - Matariki Network of Unversities
MRG-Seminar The list is used to send out Seminar Notices for the Tues MRG Seminars
Musculos Postgraduate Coursework Email list at CMS
MySource-News Periodic announcements about MySource
MySource-Users MySource User community at UWA
node.list Interested in Web Tools e.g. blogs, wikis, podcasts, IM etc?
Notices For notices relevant to UWA
OSUpdateNotification Server Update Notifications
OSUpdateNotification-Client Server Update Notifications - Clients
Pbalumni Plant Biology Alumni
Pbebulletin Plant Biology E-Bulletin
Pbkwongan Kwongan Foundation-conservation of Australian native plants
Pbseminar Plant Biology seminars and other external seminars
perth-seminars Seminars to be held in Science and Health across Universities, Institutes and Hospitals of Perth.
Petanque Help the petanque community at UWA to communicate between each other
pg-ogs An emailing list that is addressed to all Oceans Graduate School post grad students
Phcresearchers Academics, GPs and allied health as adjunct researchers
Philsoc The UWA Philosophy Society email list
PostDoc-SPACH Postdoc SPACH
Postgrad The UWA Postgraduate Students' Association mailing list
Postgrad-sseh Postgrad SSEH
Postgraduates-sseh Postgrad Students for Human Sciences
pubh-md-2018 Information for 2018 cohort for PUBH
R-group R statistics user group - School of Animal Biology
REDCap-TechAdmins REDCap Technical Administrators at UWA
Redcap-users REDCap users at UWA
REDnet-UWA Research Education Development(RED)network at UWA
RePlan Network for planning research and education
Research-Announcements [ STOP ] THIS LIST HAS MOVED. Subscribe at
RPHGAS Staff maillist of Royal Perth Hospital's Anaesthesia Dept.
Sbs-academicstaff-research School of Biological Sciences Academic Research Staff
SciComp-SCB Scientific Computing (School of Chemistry and Biochemistry)
SDC-Heads UWA SDC Heads
sdfw SDFW practitioners in HE in Australia and NZ
Secretaries Secretaries and administrative staff
SelectionRegister A voluntary register of staff skilled in staff selection.
Ses-level4_5 Honours and Masters students in School of Earth Sciences
Ses-minseplab Mineral Separation Laboratory user group
Ses-onsite-adj-vis This list is for all on site adjuncts and visitors in the School of Earth Sciences.
Ses-ss SES Seminar Series mailing list
singg-sungg SINGG & SUNGG collaboration
Sitecore-notifications Important announcements for Sitecore users and stakeholders
Soil.Matrix Mailing list of the Soil Matrix Group
SPGH-Honours SPGH Honours Student
spgh-md-cohort3 For communication with students in cohort 3 of scholarly activities
SPH-Health-Science-Stu SPH Health Science Students
Sph-md-cohort2 Cohort 2 of MD students participating in Public Health Coursework as part of their Scholarly Activities.
Sph-nursing-students sph-nursing-students
SPH-Pop-Health-Mjr-Stu SPH Population Health Major Students
Sph-public-health-students sph-public-health-students
Sph-research-students SPH Research Students
Sph-social-work-pgstudents sph-social-work-pgstudents
SPH-SWSP-50 SPH SWSP 50th Anniversary Contacts
SPLM-MCP-students Masters of Clinical Pathology student mailing list
Ss-archaeology-seminar Archaeology Seminar Series List
SS-AsianStudies-Seminar Asian Studies Seminar List
StataList Stata Users
StudentServices News, updates and articles from the Student Services Division
SunFair SunFair organisational group
SymbioticA SymbioticA staff, Directors, artists, residents and interest
Teaching-and-Learning Teaching and Learning news and discussion
Tech-contacts The UWA Technical Contacts (for IT) list
Tech-managers IT Technical management contacts - informal regular meetings
Technicians Mailing list for Technical Staff at UWA
Tempconenvironment RMD TCE spreadsheet updates.
Test-dl [no description available]
Test.list Test.list
Timetabling-contacts A contact list for staff engaged with Timetabling
Tmb.program-ems ICTP TMB Conference
Trading-list Personal items for sale, swap, rent or purchase.
UniOpenSrc University use of Open Source Software
Unitcoordinators-covid19-updates [no description available]
Unitcoordinators-ss School of Social Sciences- Unit Coordinators
Uniwa-ops-meeting This would allow more discussion of the overall joint management of UNIWA for all customers, not just labs
Uwa-albany-public-lectures UWA Public Lecture Mailing List
UWA-Bioinformatics Discussion of topics related to Bioinformatics.
UWA-events For copies of notices on UWA-events web page
UWA-Workshops For sharing of documents between areas such as UWA Workshops
UWA Bug UWA Bicycle Users Group
UWASAgE-Academicstaff Notices for Academic staff in the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment
Uwasage-envsci Environmental Science disciplinary group
Wa_patient_blood_management [no description available]
WAAG Westen Australian Airway Group
Wamusiceducators Mailing list for WA Music Educators.
WAStudentSPE WA Student SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers)
WASUN Western Australian Synchrotron Users Network
Web-authors UWA Web-Authors Mailing List
Werc-p3 WERC Geotech
wun WUN - Worldwide Universities Network
Yoga UWA Library Yoga

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